Based off Kami Gracia and Marget Stohls books.
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The Keeper

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PostSubject: THE RULES!   Sat Mar 05, 2011 9:09 am

1. No cussing, but I will allow four words cause they aren't that vulgar;
bitch, ass,damn, and hell. (Do NOT over use them or I will ban them!)
2. No spamming
3. No god-modding
4. Mortals don't know of the Tunnels or The Lunae Libri. Nor do thy go near Ravenwood, Duchannes, and the Cyrpt.
5. Mortals WILL die if they have a physical relationship with a Caster. They can kiss but only short kisses.
6. The Keeper cannot interfere and must stay mutal between Light and Dark Casters.
7. No stalking or threats of stalking.
8. No giving out perssonal information, such as nunber, address,name,facebook, or any thing like that.
9. Rps must be two sentences long!
10.No sex, and if so, please use time skip

punishments to fail to follow rules:
first tim-warning
second time-ban for two days
thrid time-ban for a week
thrid time-ban for a month
fourth time-ban for a year
fifth time-ban forever

(Thats all for now!)
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